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The agri-solutions and trading arms of Kuok (Singapore) Limited comprises of subsidiary companies, mainly Agrifert Holdings Group and Neumetal.


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Agrifert’s focus is in supplying and replenishing nutrients in appropriate manner, manufacturing different types of NPK compounds to meet the demand of the various crops, especially oil palm. Apart from NPK production, it also distributes various straights fertilizers like Urea, Muriate of Potash (MOP), Ammonium Sulphate and others in the Asia /Pacific region. Agrifert is currently operating 7 NPK compound plants strategically located in both Malaysia and Indonesia to produce and deliver to customers efficiently.

One of Agrifert’s strength is to design and build our own plants. Today, the annual production and sales exceeds a million and a half tons of NPKs, making us the largest compound fertilizer for oil palm in the world. Our plants produce Complete and Balanced compound fertilizers. These compounds are complete, where all the nutrients required are present and balanced in the correct proportion. They all also enriched whereby total nutrients are maximised to reduce application rates and thus are very cost effective. Being complete and balanced compounds, they minimise the losses of Liebig’s Law and therefore result in higher yields for our users. As our compounds are much sought after, we command a major share of the oil palm compound market in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Being a leader in the fertilizer industry, Agrifert has constantly been able to create value added products for agriculture. Success was evident when a bio-organic part was incorporated into the NPK compounds.

As business partners to plantations, we do tailor make or customised solutions for the nutrient requirements. Not only do we produce and distribute fertilizers, we also provide agronomic consultancy/advisory services. Promotional workshops and seminars and field trials are carried out frequently to keep abreast with the industry and also to educate farmers on the importance of correct fertilization.We are currently embarking on developing and supplying NPKs for the different markets in South East Asia, beginning with rice, in Vietnam. Armed with over 35 years of success and experience, we are poised to expand both geographically and the variety of crops we cater for.

Agrifert Holdings also delves in the industry of chemicals and adhesives, supplying chemicals to multiple industries. We procure different types of chemicals that are necessary for the production of adhesives required in the plywood industry. Bintulu Adhesives & Chemicals and Petanak Enterprises Sdn Bhd acquire these chemicals from Agrifert Trading to produce plywood adhesives such as urea formaldehyde resin, phenol formaldehyde resin and low formaldehyde emission resin, which are then used in a wide range of applications that include the manufacturing of plywood, chipboard, MDF board and WBP.


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Neumetal Pte Ltd is a subsidiary company of the Kuok Group and deals primarily in raw materials that include, but are not limited to, steel scrap, steel slabs, billets and DRI. These are then used to produce different types of metal products.

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